About Us

Rate Pros is the next-best thing for value-brand rental car agencies who don’t have an expert rate analyst on staff to set pricing.


Rate Pros is dedicated to helping you attract more customers by setting competitive pricing. You’ll rent more cars — for more money.


By managing your rate pricing, Rate Pros helps you focus on utilizing your fleet efficiently. So you can grow your business.

What We Do

At Rate Pros, our professional rate analysts take price setting off your hands so you can do what you do best – taking care of customers. Our knowledge of the industry, rental car software, and your competitors makes us fast, flexible, and reliable.

Our Story

We’ve worked at rental agencies. We’ve seen how easy it is for them to manage pricing by hiring staff and paying for software. How can you compete? By hiring us to do it for you.

Rate Pros specializes in price setting for value-brand car rental agencies such as yours. With expertise in heavily competitive leisure markets, our rate analysts know what it takes to increase reservations. We’re proficient in the latest industry software, such as RezCentral, Bluebird and Rate Highway. In fact, we’ve even worked at Rate Highway!

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